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Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator 787-10 takes flight to further noise-reduction, sustainability and cabin sanitization.

About the ecoDemonstrator

Boeing partnered with Etihad Airways for the 2020 ecoDemonstrator flight test program. Etihad’s newest 787-10 Dreamliner was used to evaluate projects that included: reducing airplane noise, using sustainable fuel to lower CO2 emissions, and minimizing air travel health risks to protect passengers and crew against COVID - 19. This was the first time a 787-10 was used in the ecoDemonstrator program since flight testing began in 2012.

See Testing Gear Installation

Microphone sensors being installed with silver taping at Boeing Field, Seattle.

Innovation Solving Real-world Problems

The ecoDemonstrator flights collected the most comprehensive information ever about airplane noise. Over 200 microphone sensors were attached the exterior of the 787 (as seen in photo). These microphones were installed at Boeing Field, Seattle. About 1,000 microphones were also positioned on the ground at the testing site in Glasgow, Montana.

Microphone sensors being installed on the Etihad 787-10 Dreamliner’s exterior. (Liz Wolter photo)

Collaboration with NASA

The 2020 ecoDemonstrator project was a collaboration between NASA and Boeing. NASA uses the collected data towards improving airplane noise prediction capabilities, advancing ways for pilots to lower noise, and supporting future noise-reducing aircraft designs.

Exploring UV to Combat COVID - 19

Boeing’s Confident Travel Initiative drives awareness of health safeguards already in place and develops new solutions to help minimize air travel health risks amid the COVID-19 pandemic. One of these technologies, a handheld ultraviolet light wand, was tested on the ecoDemonstrator 787 flight deck to validate its effectiveness in flight decks and cabins. 

Sustainability in Action

The ecoDemonstrator test flights usied a mix of up to 50% sustainable fuel and 50% aviation fuel. The fuel mixture, which significantly reduces CO2 emissions, is the highest blend of sustainable fuel ever used on the ecoDemonstrator program. Flight testing lasted about 10 days at Boeing’s facility in Montana before the airplane was delivered to Etihad in September 2020.

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