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Air Taxi by Wisk


Wisk is the Urban Air Mobility (UAM) company behind the world’s first all-electric, self-flying air taxi. Their mission is to deliver safe, everyday flight for everyone--making it possible to spend less time getting there and more time being there. With backing from The Boeing Company and Kitty Hawk, they are shaping the future of daily commutes and urban travel.


Product Name: Cora (prototype)

Type of Machine: Air taxi

Power: All-electric

Capacity: Designed for two passengers

Altitude: Cora flies approximately 1500-5000 feet above ground

Dimensions: 21 feet long with a 36 foot wingspan

eVTOL: Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicle

Fixed-wing flight: On a single propeller

Range: Initially about 25 miles plus reserves / about 40 kilometers plus reserves

Speed: About 100 miles per hour / about 160 kilometers per hour

Watch this video to see Cora in action.

Is a runway needed to take off and land?

The Cora air taxi is an eVTOL, which stands for Electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing vehicle. It is powered by 12 independent lift fans, which enable it to take off and land vertically like a helicopter, so there is no need for a runway.

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